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Guest post from Jim Quinn at the Burning Platform:


“We’ve bought sturdy monetary establishments…Our markets are the envy of the world. They’re resilient, they’re…revolutionary, they’re versatile. I feel we transfer in a short time to deal with conditions on this nation, and, as I stated, our monetary establishments are sturdy.” – Henry Paulson – 3/16/08


The next financial crisis: Why it looks like history may repeat itself Silicon Valley Bank is shut down by regulators in biggest bank failure since global financial crisis


“I’ve full confidence in banking regulators to take acceptable actions in response and famous that the banking system stays resilient and regulators have efficient instruments to deal with one of these occasion. Let me be clear that in the course of the monetary disaster, there have been traders and house owners of systemic giant banks that have been bailed out . . . and the reforms which were put in place means we’re not going to try this once more.” – Janet Yellen – 3/12/23


With the current implosion of Silicon Valley Financial institution and Signature Financial institution, the most important financial institution failures since 2008, I had an awesome feeling of deja vu. I wrote the article Is the U.S. Banking System Safe on August 3, 2008 for the In search of Alpha web site, one month earlier than the collapse of the worldwide monetary system. It was this text, amongst others, that caught the eye of documentary filmmaker Steve Bannon and satisfied him he wanted my perspective on the monetary disaster for his movie Generation Zero. After all he was fairly unknown in 2009 (not a lot anymore) , and I proceed to be unknown in 2023.

The quotes above by the mendacity deceitful Wall Road managed Treasury Secretaries are precisely 15 years aside, however are precisely the identical. Their sole job is to maintain the arrogance sport going and to guard their actual constituents – the Wall Road bankers. And simply as they did fifteen years in the past, the powers that be as soon as once more used taxpayer funds to bailout reckless bankers. Two hours earlier than the one answer the Feds know – print cash and shovel it to the bankers – Michael Burry defined precisely what was about to occur.



When Biden, Yellen, and the remainder of the Wall Road safety workforce let you know the banking system is secure they usually have it beneath management, they’re mendacity, simply as I stated fifteen years in the past.

“Our financial system and banking system is so complicated and intertwined that nobody is aware of the place the following shoe will drop. Politicians and authorities bureaucrats are

Again within the days of The Big Short, earlier than the general public knew about poisonous subprime mortgages issued by prison bankers and packaged into derivatives given a AAA score by the grasping compliant score companies, the Wall Road cabal knew time was rising brief, however that didn’t preserve the mendacity bastards like John Thain (Merrill Lynch), Dick Fuld (Lehman Brothers), Angelo Mozilo (Countrywide), Kerry Killinger (Washington Mutual), and others from pretending their establishments have been wholesome and worthwhile – proper up till the day they collapsed. Mendacity is within the DNA of each monetary govt, politician, authorities bureaucrat, and Federal Reserve hack.

The quote from Hemingway appeared pertinent in 2008 and is simply as pertinent in the present day.


Vala Afshar on Twitter: "“How did you go bankrupt?” Bill asked. Two ways,” Mike said. “Gradually, then suddenly.” —excerpt from Ernest Hemingway's novel The Sun Also Rises The same can be said


There are numerous similarities between what was occurring in 2008 and what’s occurring in the present day. Bear Stearns went belly-up in March 2008 and was taken over by JP Morgan in an organized marriage by Bernanke and the Fed. The same old suspects assured the nation this was a one off scenario and the banking system was sturdy. The Wall Road banks had been reporting large earnings as a result of they have been hiding the huge losses on their stability sheets. In the event that they didn’t foreclose, they didn’t must write-off the mortgages. The poisonous debt simply saved constructing.

In the summertime of 2008 the banks began to report losses, however assured traders it was solely a one time hit. All was properly. The week I wrote my article Wall Road financial institution shares had soared 20% or extra as a result of their reported losses for the 2nd quarter have been lower than anticipated. My article lower by means of all of the BS being shoveled by the likes of Larry KudlowJim Cramer, the Wall Road CEOs, and the supposed analyst consultants who nonetheless had purchase rankings on these bloated debt pigs. My evaluation was considerably opposite to the CNBC lies:

“I’d estimate that we’re solely within the early innings of financial institution write-offs. The write-offs will a minimum of equal the earlier peaks reached within the early Nineteen Nineties. If a big financial institution similar to Washington Mutual or Wachovia  have been to fail, it will wipe out the FDIC fund. If the FDIC fund is depleted, guess who can pay? Proper once more, one other taxpayer bailout. What’s one other $100 or $200 billion amongst buddies.”

Merrill Lynch was reporting billions in losses and issuing new inventory to attempt to survive. They have been clearly in a loss of life spiral and I noticed the writing on the wall:

“How lengthy will traders be duped into supporting this catastrophe? You possibly can make sure that the opposite suspects (Citicorp, Lehman BrothersWashington Mutual) can be saying extra write-downs and capital dilution within the coming weeks.”

By the tip of September Lehman Brothers and Washington Mutual have been gone. Merrill Lynch and Wachovia have been acquired for pennies, and Citicorp grew to become a zombie financial institution sustained by the Fed for years. My article was dire and my evaluation confirmed we have been in for years of ache and the worst drop in housing costs in historical past:

“There are $440 billion of adjustable mortgages resetting this 12 months. Which means that almost all of foreclosures is not going to happen till 2009. Because of this the banks will nonetheless be writing off billions of mortgage debt in 2009. The reversion to the imply for housing costs and the continued avalanche of foreclosures isn’t a recipe for a banking restoration. Home prices have another 15% to go on the downside.”

“The patron is being compelled to chop again on consuming out and purchasing. The marginal gamers will fall by the wayside. Large field retailers, eating places, mall builders, and business builders are about to seek out out that their huge growth was constructed upon false assumptions, a basis of sand, and pushed by extreme debt.”


Case Shiller 20 City Home Price Index - AAF


It appears I used to be fairly correct in my evaluation, as dwelling costs went down greater than 15%, not bottoming till 2012. This world monetary collapse introduced an finish to the massive field growth part, as many went beneath, and the survivors targeting their present shops. We entered the worst recession because the Thirties. Probably the most attention-grabbing half in going again to my 15 12 months outdated article was the psychology of the group revealed within the remark part. Regardless of my use of unequivocal information, I used to be branded a doomer, overly pessimistic, and an fool. Many commenters stated the Fed would save the day and it was time to purchase the dip. If they’d purchased the dip on the day of my article, they’d have misplaced 44% over the following 8 months throughout a relentless bear market.

The query now’s whether or not the present scenario is healthier or worse than the scenario we confronted in 2008. There are some factual objects which can assist in assessing the place we’re. In August 2008 the nationwide debt was $9.5 trillion (67% of GDP). At this time it’s $31.5 trillion (130% of GDP). Whole family debt was $12 trillion in 2008 and stands at $17 trillion in the present day. The Fed’s stability sheet was $900 billion in 2008 and now stands at $8.3 trillion. Inflation was at a 17 12 months excessive in August 2008 at 5.9% and stands at 6.0% in the present day. GDP was rising at 3.2% in 2008, versus 2.7% in the present day. An neutral observer must conclude our financial scenario is way worse than 2008.


Fed's Balance Sheet Drops by $381 Billion from Peak: December Update on QT | Wolf Street

However all you hear is completely happy speak and false bravado from Wall Road analysts masking their very own bancrupt business. They continuously harp on the actual fact mortgage lending is far more threat averse and safe. After all the following liquidity pushed disaster isn’t pushed by the identical precise components because the earlier liquidity pushed disaster. However the important thing components are at all times the identical. Unfastened financial insurance policies by the Fed result in extra threat taking by grasping bankers, hedge funds, and company executives. Then one thing blows up and the billionaires get bailed out on the expense of the taxpayers who’ve been getting devastated financially by the inflation attributable to Powell and his printing press.

Thus far, this newest banking disaster “that nobody may see coming”, besides any sincere monetary analyst who understands math and historical past, is following the identical path as 2008. The narrative about banks not taking credit score threat and peddling dangerous mortgages is being blown up as we communicate. As a substitute of the danger being centered on poisonous mortgages like 2008, the danger has permeated each crevice of the monetary system resulting from years of 0% charges by the Fed. Nearly every part is overvalued by 30% to 50% as a result of low-cost debt was out there to everybody for every part. Extraordinarily low rates of interest led to excessive threat taking by bankers, firms, dwelling consumers, auto consumers, and politicians. The unleashing of inflation by Powell’s insurance policies has led to the tide going out and revealing who was swimming bare.


Marina Medvin 🇺🇸 on Twitter:


Whereas threat managers at banks the world over have been concentrating on variety and pushing woke agendas about transgender rights, local weather change and working towards ESG investing, they ignored the easy idea that bonds they acquired at 1% lose cash when rates of interest go to 4%. Simply because the banks in 2008 have been sitting on billions of unrealized losses from the poisonous mortgages on their books, the identical banks are actually sitting on billions of unrealized losses from the most recent poisonous asset – U.S. Treasuries. Everybody is aware of it. It’s simply math. They’ve been relying on Powell to reverse course, however with reported inflation nonetheless at 6%, he’s trapped. Silicon Valley Financial institution and Signature Financial institution have been swimming bare and when depositors realized that truth a financial institution run ensued. Poof!!! Sudden Disaster.


Holger Zschaepitz on Twitter:


The narrative being spun is it is a regional banking disaster confined to smaller banks. This narrative is being spun by the massive Wall Road banks and their captured media mouthpieces, with the intent that depositors at smaller banks would panic and shift their deposits to the “secure” Wall Road banks. The reality is that the Wall Road banks have huge ranges of unrealized losses and desperately want deposits to maintain them from dealing with the identical destiny as Silicon Valley and Signature. These unrealized losses aren’t going away and should be realized within the close to future.


Credit score Suisse has been the loopy uncle of the monetary business, saved within the basement for years. Their demise is a foregone conclusion, however that has been coated up and ignored by these within the know. They look like the brand new Lehman Brothers, which is able to blow up the already bancrupt European monetary system and unfold a contagion of losses throughout the monetary world. These quadrillions in obscure derivatives are an unknown factor within the coming meltdown. However you will be certain they gained’t have a optimistic influence.




Each small and huge banks have little to no reserves left to lend. Debt issuance is the Potemkin ingredient in preserving this farce of an financial system working. With out debt to finance overextended shopper life, funding wars in Ukraine, and the woke agendas of firms and politicians, your complete facade collapses.

Actual wages have been damaging for 23 consecutive months. A banking disaster means banks will scale back lending dramatically. Shoppers have been compelled to dwell off their bank cards for the final two years, as their financial savings dried up and their wages purchased much less. A deep recession is within the playing cards. Shoppers are already pulling again and spending much less. With credit score drying up and spending taking place, employers throughout the globe will begin laying individuals off. As unemployment rises, individuals will cease paying their monumental mortgage and auto loans. This can result in extra losses at banks, identical to 2008/2009.



Everybody will look to the Fed to avoid wasting the day. And they’ll faux they’ve every part beneath management, however they don’t. Again in 2008 their stability sheet was solely $900 billion. At this time it’s 9 occasions as giant. The relentless QE whereas rates of interest have been suppressed has left them with monumental unrealized losses on the mortgage and Treasury bonds they purchased. They let the inflation genie out of the bottle and now it’s ingrained within the financial system. Firms who gave 2% annual raises to their workers for a decade are actually compelled to provide 4% or extra because of the Fed created inflation.


Fed's Balance Sheet Drops by $626 Billion from Peak, Cumulative Operating Loss Grows to $38 billion: Update on QT | Wolf Street


If the Fed slashes charges and goes again to cash printing by means of QE, the present 6% inflation fee will skyrocket again to double digits. If Powell does nothing or continues elevating charges, the banking system will doubtless collapse. His decisions are deflationary collapse or hyper-inflationary collapse. He’s caught between the proverbial rock and a tough place. Since he’s managed by Wall Road, he’ll slash charges, restart QE, backstop the bankers, and screw the typical American, as at all times. My conclusion reached in my 2008 article, simply earlier than the monetary system imploded appears, for essentially the most half, to use in the present day.

 “The U.S. banking system is actually bancrupt. The Treasury, Federal Reserve, FASB, and Congress are colluding to maintain the American public at midnight for so long as attainable. They’re making an attempt to purchase time and prop up these banks to allow them to persuade sufficient fools to provide them extra capital. They’ll proceed to write down off debt for a lot of quarters to return. We’re at risk of duplicating the errors of Japan within the Nineteen Nineties by permitting them to faux to be sound. We may have a zombie banking system for a decade.”

We by no means paid the piper and cleaned out the excesses of the earlier banking disaster. The monetary situation of the nation is way worse than it was in 2008. The monetary situation of the typical American is way worse than it was in 2008. The monetary situation of the Federal Reserve is way worse than it was in 2008. The monetary situation of the banking system is way worse than it was in 2008. Our leaders kicked the can down the street in an effort to give the system the looks of stability, and we allow them to do it. We may have taken the ache in 2008 and let the system reset after purging all of the dangerous debt and dangerous banks, however we selected the improper path and can now endure the implications described by Ludwig von Mises a century in the past.


“There isn’t a technique of avoiding the ultimate collapse of a increase led to by credit score growth. The choice is simply whether or not the disaster ought to come sooner as the results of voluntary abandonment of additional credit score growth, or later as a closing and whole disaster of the forex system concerned.” – Ludwig von Mises


My recommendation 15 years in the past on the finish of the article was to scale back your deposit publicity in any respect monetary establishments, don’t spend money on monetary shares, comply with the writings of sincere truthful analysts and this closing piece of recommendation, which is as strong now because it was then:

“Whenever you see a financial institution CEO or a prime authorities official let you know that every part is alright, run for the hills. They’re mendacity. They didn’t see this coming they usually do not know the way it will finish.”


The Coming Storm - YouTube


We’re firstly of the following world monetary disaster, not the tip. Fourth Turnings don’t fizzle out. They construct to a crescendo of chaos and conflict. This monetary disaster will usher within the army battle that has been beckoning for the final 12 months. Time to buckle up and put together for the approaching storm.

Guest post from Jim Quinn at the Burning Platform.

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